Holiday homes with swimming pool

VillaAltea introduces a unique new "BreakOut" subscription.

At Villa Altea we like to think about options that meet the wishes of our customers.

More and more people are now working from home, sometimes we cannot even go out on the street and the future is still quite unpredictable. We are increasingly being asked whether there are possibilities to find another safe environment for a short period with all the necessary facilities so that, if necessary, work can continue as usual.

That is why we are introducing a new concept. The "BreakOut" subscription.

How does the vacation rental Breakout subscription work?

You buy a holiday home subscription for a minimum of 4/6 weeks.

If you want to use this subscription, choose the home of your choice and indicate how many weeks you want to stay in the home. (For example, a 6-week subscription can be used by booking 6 times one week or 3 times two weeks)

The big advantage for you is flexibility. So you can decide for yourself when to use the subscription. But the financial advantage is just as important. If you book on the basis of a subscription, we offer you a very attractive rate. An advantage that can amount to up to 25% compared to the normal rates.

The holiday benefit subscription is therefore the ideal solution for anyone who occasionally needs a nice temperature in a different environment. To enjoy the peace or because you can also make a zoom call with your colleagues at the edge of the pool. If you want to know more about this unique offer, please inquire about the conditions.

Just the advantages at a glance.

  • Flexible booking
  • Choice of different homes
  • Very attractive discounts on the normal rate
  • Possibilities for medical insurance during the weeks that you stay in Spain
  • Possibility to store personal items with us in the meantime
  • The Costa Blanca is a fairly safe environment with few infections (no code red) All facilities so that working via the internet also functions excellently.
  • All facilities available including remote working via excellent internet connection.

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