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Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Lovely and comfortable apartment with communal pool in Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain for 6 persons

Price per day from: € 161
  • 6 Apartment for 6 Guests
    3 3 Bedrooms Apartment
    2 2 Bathrooms  Apartment
  • Rating average4 Reviews8,6

Apartamento Caleta Playa

Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Wonderful and comfortable apartment in Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain with communal pool for 4 persons

Price per day from: € 114
  • 4 Apartment for 4 Guests
    2 2 Bedrooms Apartment
    1 1 Bathrooms  Apartment
  • Rating average0 Reviews0,0

Atico BAY

Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

New build and well furnished penthouse in Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain with communal pool for 6 persons

Price per day from: € 180
  • 6 Penthouse for 6 Guests
    3 3 Bedrooms Penthouse
    3 3 Bathrooms  Penthouse
  • Rating average0 Reviews0,0

Cala Bay

Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Modern and comfortable penthouse in Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain with communal pool for 6 persons

Price per day from: € 161
  • 6 Penthouse for 6 Guests
    2 2 Bedrooms Penthouse
    2 2 Bathrooms  Penthouse
  • Rating average1 Reviews10,0

Location of Villajoyosa

In the south of the Marina Baja we find a coastal region that in spite of being surrounded by high mountains it is warm and full of Mediterranean sunshine. The facades of the houses near the port painted in bright and temperamental colors so the sailors could view them from far away, do honor to the name by which the town was baptized as a Christian city "Villajoyosa" or "Happy Village", are in present day a still a spectacular sight.

General information about Villajoyosa

Apart from the captivation of its lively colors adorning its unusual houses, the constant activity of the fisherman with their evening auctions, the walled heart of his old town surrounded by history in each of its corners, are a must for all visitors.

Villajoyosa has a unique layout of streets where you can find several watchtowers that were used in the past as key strategic points alerting against the Berber assaults. These include the Tower of the Aguiló, Dalt's Tower, Hercules' Tower, Tower of the Puddle, Tower of the Cross, Tower of the Turret, Tower Simeón, and especially the funeral monument of the Tower of San Jose.

Beaches in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa has 3.5 km of beautiful beaches with calm, crystalline waters and fine sand, where you can windsurf, especially across its two small coves of sand and gravel. Its rocky beaches are the perfect setting to enjoy the tranquility of scuba diving.

Standing out of between its beaches, parallel to the maritime walk, is the Beach Center, where you and the family can enjoy a wide range of services and recreational areas, also the largest festival of Moors and Christians, declared of "Tourist International Interest" in 2003.

Villajoyosa traditions

Through the festival of Moors and Christians, "La Vila" recalls one of the most historically significant Berber pirate attacks, repelled by the inhabitants of the town. All of this is represented across its beaches, with a naval combat and the final disembarkation in the "Beach of the Centre ".

Gastronomy of Villajoyosa

It is necessary to highlight Villajoyosa's magnificent gastronomy represented in the "Sample of Seaworthy Cuisine" an event in which the best local restaurants take part, competing to create the best traditional seafood dishes.

As far as great local cuisine goes, we have to mention the fish broth and the salted dried fish like the mojama (made with tuna fish), also not forgetting the sweet part of Villajoyosa which is represented in its world famous chocolates factory: Valor.

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